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The National Security Connection

How Global Food Security Overlaps with U.S. Security Interests

2020欧洲杯体育投注平台Investing in global food and nutrition security aligns with American values and supports U.S. security and national interests. The CSIS Global Food Security Program produces a variety of resources that draw on these connections. In a world where food is both a strategic weapon of war and a smart investment to foster peace, the CSIS Global Food Security Program provides timely analysis and convening power to explore how the United States can continue to reduce global hunger and poverty in the developing world.

This library of reports and events gives policymakers and other stakeholders insight into what is working well—and where weaknesses could be addressed—within the context of U.S. funded global food and nutrition security programs. The CSIS Global Food Security Program connects food security conversations and national security challenges to foster constructive dialogue around how the U.S. government can maximize its leadership and effectiveness in the fight against poverty, hunger, and malnutrition.

National Security is Food Security

Elevating Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition in U.S. Foreign Assistance